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Fresh Hot Leads are, as titled - fresh, and ready-to-be-called. These leads are specifically generated for our Outlet Lead customers. There is only a momentary delay between when prospective clients request information and when you have their info in your hand, ready to call them and sell them a product that best suits their need. These leads have not been qualified, but arguably, are far more likely to respond to your direct phone call - just minutes after they've asked for more information on annuity and retirement planning products. You're the expert and you know exactly what to ask to turn them into a client!  We'll go one step further, we'll even arm you with a script to start verifying their suitability. Our experience tells us, prospects want to hear from you directly, don't let us get in the way! These leads are exclusive and have a working phone number!



Qualified Email-First Annuity Leads have been fully qualified by AW's elite call centre, however the prospect has requested the first point of contact be via email.  These leads contain a verified working phone number, email, age, zip code, investment amount and income source. These leads are fresh and exclusive to you.  Aged leads in this category are available in bundles at further discounts. Qualified email-first annuity leads are an excellent starting point for agents to explore Outlet Leads.* 



Qualified Retirement Planning Leads are exclusive leads generated in the same way as AW annuity leads and qualified by AW's elite call centre.  During the qualification process, such prospects may not have met the criteria for an annuity lead, but have shown interest in other retirement planning products and have shown interest in speaking with an advisor.  Age, zip code, email, phone number and investment amount are verified. Aged leads in this category are available in bundles at further discounts.*

* Quantities & PRICES CAN VARY and are subject to change at any time. Leads are subject to availability.